Ceilings Plus, their name should really be “Ceilings That Blow Your Mind” because that’s how amazing this company is. After speaking with several of the design engineers, I realized two things.  First, I  need to seriously step up my game in the 3D modeling world of this profession because my brain could not comprehend about 90{e8f9b1517f9e628380276bdcf9f982a3a1bdf757d4b31f04beed1cb86cde118b} of the things they were describing while they whizzed around their models. Second, the theories behind sunlight and views affecting people’s mental health is 100{e8f9b1517f9e628380276bdcf9f982a3a1bdf757d4b31f04beed1cb86cde118b} true.  Everyone we met with could not have been nicer and they all legitimately seemed to love what they were doing.  I guess all that sunshine, sand and palm trees will do that to you.

The amount of coordination and programming that goes into every project that Ceilings Plus touches is incredible. The most “mind-blowing” project they showed us was a ceiling system that encompassed 4,000 pieces. Of those 4,000 pieces, 3,000 of them were unique. Let’s say that again, THREE THOUSAND unique pieces in one ceiling system. I immediately asked “how long does that take to coordinate during construction?!”, as my limited brain power could not fathom how this would get done without months and months of coordination. The engineer explained that they write the program (codes, scripts?) so that each piece is designed perfectly to fit the space and design. The pieces are numbered and shipped out in sequentially stacked palettes to make the installation process seamless. Ceilings Plus also has space in their facility for contractors to practice installing portions of the ceiling systems so that they are masters by the time the real installation happens. There is very little, if any, field coordination for the contractors as the engineers have done all the coordination needed in their programs. Seamless installation of a complicated design element…where do I sign up?!

The customization of the perforations in the panels is another interesting aspect of this company. Sure they can do the typical variations of circles, squares and diamonds, but they can also punch perforations in the shape of birds, stars, basically any shape you want! So if your district is really obsessed with their mascot this could be a subtle way of incorporating it into your design. Ceilings Plus can take any graphic image and convert it into perforations on the panels as well. They’ve also been integrating colored acoustical fabric behind the perforations to make the scenes really pop. On top of all of that awesomeness, they also have an in-house lighting designer as part of the Parti group. Bonus!

Ceilings Plus’ capabilities are pretty limitless.  I could go on and on about the numerous projects they highlighted for us but it wouldn’t even begin to perforate a picture of what they can do (see what I did there). So if you think one of your upcoming projects could use an interesting ceiling design or feature wall, definitely give the Ceilings Plus website a few clicks.  Just be prepared to have your mind blown!

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