Angela Copes-2

Hi everyone!  I’m very excited to be working at King + King and getting to know all of you!  I’m a recent graduate of Syracuse University, born and raised near Baltimore, Maryland.  I decided to be an architect in 5th grade but before that I was dead set on becoming a zoologist.  Growing up I played a lot of soccer and made the varsity team my freshman year of high school, but my soccer career was cut short by an ACL tear during my senior year.  These days I do more low-key activities like yoga but I’m always down for a pick-up game of any sort.  On nice weekends, I’ll probably be hiking or kayaking with my boyfriend Riley.  Another one of our hobbies is making wine, which is super fun and also tasty.  My desk is the one with the small jungle of plants on the bookcase and I’m part of the Chittenango and Central Square project teams.

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